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Council strategy - Transport Choices

Transport Choices aims to create a city that is attractive to residents, businesses and visitors to live, work, study and get around in.  

The Transport Choices map focuses on improving transport connections between the various parts of the city. It builds a picture of a transport network that links different modes of transport (including railways, roads and motorways, ferries, cycle and pedestrian routes) and provides interchanges where people can swap between the different modes.

Transport Choices area plan map (4.5MB PDF)

The map shows how the city's centres will become better connected to each other, making it easier for people to get to their homes, work and special places. It also shows how there will be better connections to the city centre, and between the east and west of the city.

The map sets out the key moves (or outcomes) that the council wants to achieve for Transport Choices in the future, and describes some of the projects that are underway or planned with respect to these.