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Council strategy - Strong and Healthy Communities

Strong and Healthy Communities aims to develop a city where residents have a sense of belonging and pride.

The Strong and Healthy Communities map focuses on ensuring that community facilities are located in the best places to cater for communities' needs, and to support future growth.

Strong and Healthy Communities area plan map (3.9MB PDF)

The map shows the network of community resources across Auckland, including education institutions, health care facilities, and community gathering places such as libraries, post offices, community centres, marae and places of worship. It illustrates how these resources are placed with respect to centres, neighbourhoods and public transport.

The map also shows the city's public open spaces, which can be used for recreation and as venues for festivals and events.

The map sets out the key moves (or outcomes) that the council wants to achieve for Strong and Healthy Communities in the future, and describes some of the projects that are underway or planned with respect to these.