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Council strategy - Heritage

Our historic urban landscape across the city represents the roots of our society and records our natural and cultural heritage. It helps to define our sense of place and provides a context for daily life. The following maps represent key features of Auckland's natural heritage (ecology, geology and trees) and cultural heritage (archaeology, Maori sites of significance and the built form).

Due to its volcanic nature our city has rare and special landscape elements which have important cultural and natural values. Eight ecozones, a combination of geological and ecological values, have been identified for the isthmus. These have been mapped and analysed so that we can better understand our indigenous ecosystems and inform choices for a Quality Natural Environment.

As the First City of the Pacific, Auckland has been the centre for continued settlement and development from initial Maori settlement of the isthmus through to present day. Identifying and recognising different iconic elements as well as patterns of residential heritage plays a significant part in  the uniqueness of local areas, contributing to growing of the city well. This recognition and enhancement actively supports achieving a Quality Built Environment.

As the city continues to consolidate and intensify, the retention of representative examples of our heritage as it has developed from past to present is a key aspiration for the city.

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