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Council strategy - Quality Built Environment

Quality Built Environment aims to build a sustainable, well-designed city that is fit for the 21st century.

The Quality Built Environment map focuses on how and where Auckland's built environment should develop. It shows the areas of the city that will grow the most, and the transport connections between these areas and other parts of the city.

Quality Built Environment area plan map (11.6MB PDF)

The Quality Built Environment map sets up a hierarchy of centres for the city, with each type of centre having a role to play in providing for the community's needs. It illustrates how the majority of future growth will happen around these centres and along the corridors that connect them. It also shows the parts of the city's historic landscape that need to be protected.

The map sets out the key moves (or outcomes) that the council wants to achieve for a Quality Built Environment in the future, and describes some of the projects that are underway or planned with respect to these.